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Smart Boston Loves Boomerpdx Portland But It’s Not Enough


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Smart Boston got it’s name by being smart. No news there, not when the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education list of top colleges came out Wednesday, September 27th, 2017.


Do we all agree that the WSJ/THE poll helps smart Boston? With two of the top three colleges in town, there’s little doubt. Harvard sits in first place with MIT tied with Stanford for third.


Technically both schools carry a Cambridge address. To avoid confusion with the Cambridge in England, let’s settle on smart Boston. Calling it smart Cambridge is just too much of a headache.


Before going any further I’d like to say I like smart Boston. I like their college ranking. This coming from a Portland State University grad. My college isn’t even listed in the top 500, but I’m pretty sure it’s right there at 501.


Smart Boston loves boomerpdx Portland, but it’s not enough. Not when they show up for one second everyday. Not when 97.33% are new readers. Not when 96% of them bounce.


Instead of an ignorant rant against online rudeness, I’ll show smart Boston a thing or two, something to help out. That’s what blogs do, help out, answer questions, increase the dialogue on important topics. At least that’s what good bloggers strive for.


Bad bloggers take an attitude, look for means to degrade and divide an audience that doesn’t meet their standards. That’s not happening here.


Besides, I like the look of the demographic map that pops up in Google Analytics. Dark blue Oregon shows engagement from readers who stick around for three and a half minutes on average. Dark blue Massachusetts balances the map. Boomerpdx goes coast to coast and looking good, but one second in smart Boston?


I’m going to help out by creating a sitemap of sorts for these truth seekers, but first a confession. I’ve been a Celtics’ fan forever, watching them rule the NBA in the 60’s while UCLA ruled college basketball. The Portland Trailblazers won one championship and it lifted the city, still lifting. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to live in Boston with seventeen.


How smart are the Boston Celtics? Portland could have hired North Eugene’s Danny Ainge and kept him home. Instead he’s a Celtic, and a good one.


We could have been named Boston but for the unfortunate coin flip that resulted in Portland. Not the smartest move, but here we are.


For Boston readers:


Do you have a heroin epidemic? Read Heroin History Today.
Street violence? Read No Kitty Genovese For You.
Weird cancer? Read HPV16 Explained by the Washington Post and HPV and Me.
For more insight read Pamela Tom’s post Portland Man Fights HPV Throat Cancer with Optimism.


Boomerpdx is a fan of Boston natives like Ben Affleck. If one of you Bostonians know him, tell him I’ve got a screenplay he needs to read. It starts in Boston.


To seal the deal in Boston, my wife and I talk about a trip to the east coast starting in Boston. It may end in Boston, but the idea is riding the train to New York, Philadelphia, then Washington D.C. before heading home.


Any ideas on what to do and what to see while we’re in town? I do the same with Portland visitors.


So, Boston, come to boomerpdx and read up. Spend a few minutes. For all the grief we like to give California for being airheads, surf dogs, and general lay abouts, they come in like bosses.


The California numbers? They read over four pages during an average two and half minute stop here. Who doesn’t love California. Even haters secretly love the Golden State.


Be like California. Show them some smart Boston.
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