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Look at the face of sport talk reason. This man isn’t on sport talk radio because of his face. This face is on sport talk radio because of the audience. They want him.


They need him.


It doesn’t happen often, but if the airwaves line up in the right order while I scan sport talk radio the message couldn’t be more clear.

Ads for divorce, DUI, and home seizure are on sports talk radio. Why? Because of the audience.


Connecting the dots in no particular order, how would the events most likely happen?


I can give an honest inside look into places I’ve been and things I’ve done, but home seizure leading to DUI, leading to divorce? Or DUI, divorce, to seizure? That’s new ground around here.


Hearing legal remedies for a trio of downer ads, more like not wanting to hear, doesn’t mean I’m hiding from reality.


And I’m not one of those people throwing buckets of water on strangers just in case they burst into flames, either. But hearing ads from experts in divorce, dui, and mortgage stuff on sport talk radio made me look at myself.


I’ve had the usual opportunities where the line between right and wrong was pretty blurred. Yet somehow…


A quick sport talk radio scan of the Portland 9 – 12 time slot finds Rich Eisen, the guy who runs the forty yard dash in a suit during the NFL combine.


A click away there’s Jim Rome, the guy with a good story and a good way of telling it.


One more and it’s Colin Cowherd, former Portland sports guy, a NW guy doing one of the biggest job since Keith JACKson. Of the three he’s the most fun, the guy who wants a millennial audience as he ages.


All three fill the radio with the sort of hope and insight I’m usually short on. I need that Cowherd cool where he’s ready to back up a soft answer with hard numbers.


I need that Rome abrasiveness to cut through the cheese.


Then there’s the last guy, Rich Eisen, who looks like every middle school PE teacher should look. But looks are deceiving. What he does looks easy to do, but only because he makes it look easy.


His is the face of reason, the face that says ‘Don’t drink and drive,’ that says ‘Learn to understand your wife and kids better,’ that says ‘If you’re not a drunken divorcee you might not end up in the gutter.’


This is one guy who can’t help being a good role model for his age group, all ages groups. The kids are watching. Don’t let us down, man.
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