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The Fishing Baby Boomer

or, Why Does The Columbia River Like My Wife Better


Being a Portland baby boomer means you’re an outdoorsman.

Being an outdoorsman in Oregon means you hunt and fish.

You just can’t go to your backyard and stand around and call yourself an outdoorsman.

That’s not how it works, so get your fishing

Though the Columbia River is huge, expect to see a few fellow outdoorsmen and women.

Don’t be surprised to see boats of all shapes.

If you’re not an expert boat captain, let someone else steer through the rough

Mingling with nature is the essence of the outdoors.

That other thing you smell is the mill on the Washington

Ten hours sitting on a metal seat melts away when you hook a fish. Not so much if you don’t.

If it’s your first fish, and the person you’re with has never caught one, try and share.

Avoid the cost analysis on the value of one

Just cook it before it sits in the freezer so long you forget what it is and toss it.

Sure you can buy a fish in a store, or off the dock, or out of the trunk of a car on the side of the road.

But that’s not fishing, brother.


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