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I’m posting this to men in the Toughen Up section because all the groping news seems like a medical issue, or mental health dilemma.


What goes through a man’s head in the heat of the moment, when the secret button locks the door, when you finally ask, “How much do want this part?”


I’m guessing it’s nothing like what you got.

Telling wives and kids daddy’s a skeevy little perv-freak can’t be easy.


To men: if there’s seven billion people on earth, with more than half female, wouldn’t you think you could find someone who might be more cooperative than women you hold in your sway?


The nurse and the doctor, the ceo and the secretary, the famous golfer and the waitress? Why not find a better match. You could if you were a decent person and didn’t forget the moves you used to have, like decency, manners, politeness.


Now it’s a power move, a take it or leave it deal, where if they don’t take it, you leave them worse off.


Do the big guys look in the mirror and say, “Just like I planned?” Or, do they take a moment to reflect on what they’ve done to another person.


Who’s to say women wouldn’t have gone for some of these guys if they weren’t old and crusty and smell like dirty socks where no socks have ever been?


At the same time, who’s to say some of the men don’t have a blind spot to their own behavior?


To men: Kobe got busted for rape / sexual assault. In the course of his accusation and trial he said something like, ‘what’s the big deal, Shaq does this all the time.’


Soon after Shaq and wife were divorced.


If this seems like an injustice to you, there’s help. Learn to make better choices.


To men: Women get to decide what to do with their bodies, no matter how much some men don’t want to admit it. They get to choose. Call it a woman’s choice.


If they don’t choose you, that’s how it goes. They’re nice, you’re nice, just not the right match at the right time. If you turn into grab and grope dude, or rape guy, all you’re doing is proving she was right.


Then you get to walk around with a wide skid mark of shame on your face, and a prison record, and register as a sex crime guy in every neighborhood you live in the rest of your life.


To men: ask a sex crime guy if he has regrets. You may get regrets if you find they don’t.


Again, women decide what they want to do and who they want to do it with. Not. You.


You’d think would be pretty clear by now, but it’s not?
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