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winter reflections

Fiery Reds and Snow Not Melting. Image of bishops hat.

Can we still complain if the snow doesn’t last for months and turn a nasty brown?

Winter Reflections says yes.


winter reflections

Plant or Sea Urchin, and Snow Not Melting. image of grass

Even if you don’t get to beach much, plant reminders in the garden.

Does this plant remind you of the beach?

Winter reflections says only if you’ve never been to the beach.


winter reflections

A Quiet Table In The Back and the Snow’s Not Melting

The last thing served at this table? You’d like some right now.

Winter reflections says hot chocolate.


winter reflections

A Quiet Conversation about Snow Not Melting

A quiet voice, a saucy book, and a warm cup of tea on a summer’s day.

Winter reflections in Judy’s library.

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