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young donald trump

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How would a young Donald Trump handle being grabbed in Hollywood?

Powerful men in modern times see themselves above normal rules.

It’s the same story of big boys in every era: “You don’t tell ME what to do.”

Donald Trump is no exception.

But a young Donald Trump visiting Hollywood to make his name?

How would that work out?

The Hollywood mantra for those just off the bus is, “How bad do you want this part?”

Maybe it’s an agent, a sugar momma, or a star asking the question.

Consider Old Trump saying, “They let you do anything if you’re a star.”

Is the ‘they’ he refers to the women in Hollywood, or their agents.

Imagine a starlet reporting in and hearing this from her agent:

“Donald Trump is in town and he’ll be looking for beautiful, young, women. I want him to find you, so hang around the studio until he gets there and I’ll introduce you.”

If there’s ever a rigged game, it’s being a babe magnet in Hollywood.

“I’ve talked to other girls who’ve met him. He’s gross with his tic-tacs and old man breath and all the grabbing. He’s got more hands than an Egyptian mob. Maybe you could tell him what to do around women, because he hadn’t got it figured out by 60.”

“I’ve talked to the same women you talked to. After meeting Mr. Trump they found themselves on soap operas, game shows, the works. Getting asked to meet him should be an honor for you. He’s a big timer who makes and breaks careers every day. How bad do you want this part?”

If it sounds like an agent raising his Pimp Hand, it’s because he is. Does Donald Trump know this, or is under the delusion that the most beautiful women in the world claw each other to be near him?

Old Donald probably wouldn’t like what Young Donald might do to get that part.

young donald trump

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At an agent’s office for Young Donald Trump:

“Well aren’t you the lucky one. Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors are having a party and asked me to send over young actors looking for their break. This could be the one for you.”


“Well aren’t you fortunate. Joan Collins is having a pool party with some of her old friends and needs a few young bucks like you to fill up the lounge chairs, maybe rub in a little sun tan oil. Rock said you were a great guest.”

If groping around in Hollywood is Old Trump’s thing, he ought to learn from the experts.

Roseanne Barr:

young donald trump

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Michael Jackson:

young donald trump

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You notice the absence of anyone else lending a helping hand?

Young Donald Trump in Hollywood could teach Old Trump in Hollywood the ropes.

Or Young Trump in New York may have turned out like the confused Midnight Cowboy.

young donald trump

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