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1947 – The Highlights Of Baby Boomer Year #2


Trusting Your Car To The Man Who Wears A Star And A Bomber Near 1947 Portland

Trusting Your Car To The Man Who Wears A Star And A Bomber Near 1947 Portland. via

  • Reality TV is born.

Early television finds its mark broadcasting events in the U.S. Congress for the first time, then the World Series. The complaint, “Man, there’s nothing good on TV,” was first heard.

  • Voice of America.

Eastern Europe and the old USSR begin tuning into the broadcasts of freedom and democracy. Many confusing languages express the same thought, “Man, there’s nothing good on the radio.”

  • Space.

Plant material and fruit flies go into space, the first animals in orbit. Bees complain. Monkeys lobby for next up.

  • First Instant Camera.

Edwin Land shows off Polaroid Land Camera. Takes picture of himself to start a new craze. Everyone cheers and begins work on naming the new art form.

  • Color Lines Broken.

Jackie Robinson signs with the Brooklyn Dodgers after a playing for UCLA and becoming an Army officer during WWII. Percival Prattis becomes the first black journalist allowed into the press gallery in Congress.

  • Flying Saucers.

UFO sightings in Washington State. Roswell, New Mexico complains until they get one, too.

  • Sky Pilots.

Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier in a rocket plane, opening the door to infinity and beyond. Howard Hughes goes the other direction with his Spruce Goose, flying it once for eight minutes and never again. Jumbo jets of the future take notice.

The events of 1947 build on one another until everyone agrees on 1948.





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  1. Gary Bowen says:

    Has me thinking back to my grandpa, whom sat in his favorite chair twirling around a toothpick in his mouth rarely saying a thang, Grandma busying herself tending to household chores, yakking it up as every thought entered her brain.

    I never recall asking him about much to do with this topic. I certainly recall the day John Kennedy was killed, I recall exactly what I said and how I felt afterwards, it was not anything worthy I assure you.

    As Ollie would say, “now you got yourself into another fine mess!”

    So much for an 8 year old.


    • David Gillaspie says:

      Hey Gary,

      The whole idea of retirement needed to change. Your grandpa sounds like most of the retired in my neighborhood growing up. Very relaxed with their toothpick. I think we’ve got more to do.

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