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How Close Is Too Close?



Social media beat regular news to the punch.


No, it wasn’t Arab Spring and twitter.

Not a former USSR satellite and a new Russian claim.

How about a nice Portland, Oregon suburb and facebook?

A facebook friend posted the story the moment they saw it…from Texas.

The official story includes witnesses hearing three pops, a man on the ground, a screaming woman, and another man running.

Police showed up in force, roped the area off as a crime scene, and sheeted the body of the man killed at the scene.

A ‘person of interest’ photo showed up in the paper and local news.

The person knew the screaming woman. The victim was her ex-husband.

News on the street tells a different story.

From sources:

“The shooter lived across the street in an apartment with fourteen others.”

“Everyone in that apartment was a Methodist.”

“The shooter might have been a Methodist.”

“The person of interest argued with the ex-husband then shot him ten times in the chest.”

“He either emptied his clip on purpose or bump fired.”

“The police came after the shooting but didn’t knock down the apartment door of the fifteen Methodists until four in the morning.”

“No one was inside the Methodists’ apartment. All fifteen were out, including the shooter.”

“They left because they were illegals?”

“They left because they had a mission?”

“They left with a killer and that makes them accessory to murder.”

“How do fifteen people live in one apartment?”

“Maybe it wasn’t fifteen. What if it was eight? Still too many people in one place.”

“Different lifestyles live differently.”

“Fifteen people isn’t a lifestyle. Neither is eight.”

“I’m not a racist but that’s a lot of Methodists.”

“Crime of passion of whatever, it’s still a killer on the lose. They might go again.”

Street sources tell a different story than the official reporters. No checks and balances, just emotional discharge like anyone living close to bad things.

No one thinks they’re living that close until something happens.

Baby boomers are old enough to understand, and that’s a good thing.




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