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ruined America


When you hear how ruined America is and agree, it means one thing.

If it’s not poisoned air, poisoned water, or broken bridges, it’s broken morals.

Pick one to work on first.

Did you pick yourself? Not yet? Give it another try.

In the meantime, poisoned air from art glass factories isn’t the same as poisoned air from auto exhaust.

One is functional, the other aesthetic. Who wants to sport a neck tumor while showing off some beautiful, one of a kind, art work in glass.

One bulb is enough.

You might drive a Volkswagen diesel and feel so green about it, until the the Volks folks got exposed for using their software to fool emission testing.

Even with a German product gassing us from the road, it never ranked as a cancer cluster.

Besides, Volkswagens have that boomer cache of the hippie bus still hanging around. Ruined America doesn’t happen from too many smelly cars, but there’s still too many smelly cars.

Factory hot rods like an Olds 442 that only roll on dry days with a tank full of high octane and fresh rubber are grandfathered in gassers.

Rip that between a few stop lights and you’ll have a cloud following you. If you get tagged as a polluter, get a bumper sticker that says, “My Other Car Is A Volkswagen Diesel.”

Boomers didn’t poison the water in ruined America.

How important is clean water for humans? Look at this image from

ruined america


This lady drank a gallon of water a day for twenty eight days, and these are her results.

Is it lighting, camera angles, or face lift? Or clean water?

She may be to young to be a boomer, but clean water changed her look.

Not only did more water flush her system of toxins, the way rivers cleaned ruined America, she also got the added exercise of running to the bathroom.

Look at the faces around you. They either look like one or the other, or headed that direction.

I know my face could use some cool, clean, water.

What would Portland baby boomers look like if they got all of their water from the Newberg Pool on the Willamette?

Three eyes and crooked backs don’t look good in fish, even worse in people.

Everyone helps create a ruined America.

ruined america


Drive on an old bridge recently?

Dropped into a pothole?

Do you dream of better rail lines after a European trip?

As citizens with a full plate of rights and protections, we have the tools to force improvements that go ignored in other countries.

The next time you’re out and about town and see people wearing dust masks, it means one step closer to Beijing air.

The next time you hear about pulling back DEQ regs and rules so business can thrive unchecked, it means one step closer to Flint.

It’s okay to speak up. Go ahead and give it a try. Do your part and the rest will follow.

Is that too baby boomer pie in the sky? Maybe.

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  1. boomers ruined this country and have yet to accept responsibility or help clean it up.

    Had that generation never been born we would have maintained our nuclear program (I know I know Jane Fonda had nice tits so you had no choice but to blindly follow her) and with it oil and coal would have become historic footnotes as we moved over to electric vehicles and mass transit.

    Had that generation not been born urban sprawl would have stopped and high rises would dominate the landscape allowing wonderful planned mass transit systems like we have in NYC. But the boomers refused to live with people with brown skin and instead fled to the burbs.

    Had the boomers not been born we would have kept up with the space program. Each dollar spent would have made several dollars more in tech improvements. America could easily have setup colonies on Mars by now. However, that wasnt too be because the boomers hated their parent’s so much they ruined the space program the moment they could.

    Had the Boomers never been born we would have had legalized gay marriage in the early 90s, when canada got it. We would have had legal pot at the same time. We could have replaced our draconian drug laws with rehab clinics.

    The boomers gave america nothing but wars, religious zealots, and debt.

    Hope you people are satisfied with the mess you left for us to clean up.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Dear Tyler T,

      Great comment. Thanks so much for coming in and rolling out “had boomers not been born.”

      Yours are the sort of opinions big blogs trip over themselves looking for. BoomerPdx got lucky on this one.

      While I agree with the direction you’re going, the reality is boomers were born and did drop the ball a few times. But which boomers?

      I stick it to the early boomers born between 1946 and 1952. They were the true hippies, the cultural canaries in the American coal mine.

      Their parents took the new baby book by Dr. Benjamin Spock published in 1946 and applied his lessons. That’s the guy I look at when I think of early boomers and their parents.

      Right or wrong he laid the groundwork for a generational slice of entitled, spoiled children, which is the same accusations boomers wrongly aiming at Millennials.

      Thanks for the comment, Tyler, and I hope you become a member of BoomerPdx.


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