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Keep this in mind: You won’t starve.



It might sound like cutting weight for wrestling season, but a monitored juice fast at the Portland Wellness Center is different.

Think of it as a time to relax.

Less time shopping for food and cooking. Fewer dishes to wash. That stuff takes time.

How much time is a surprise once you don’t do it.

And that’s just the beginning.

You’ve heard the news about how much undigested material you carry around in your gut?

The cleansing fast with Dr. Elaine Gillaspie isn’t about losing weight. It’s about cleaning the digestive system for better nutritional absorption.

Baby boomers know the drill, or can learn it. We’ve been eating right, eating wrong, and carrying on for years. We’ve seen the corndog at the county fair, the cotton candy. Maybe we’ve had a few.

Some of us have diets that work better than others. The idea of the juice fast is removing the build-up that occurs in both.

While that’s the main idea, there are so many other benefits.

Do you have food cravings? Now you get a chance to face them head on instead of shaking another delicious cookie out of a box, or whip up a cake just because you can.

The empowerment is real. Drive by the fast food stop that always pulls you over. Skip happy hour and Portland’s best beer. During the fast it becomes easy.

The more you invest your effort in staying on the fast, the better your results.

Can you expect clear skin and healthy looking hair during the fast? It happens.

In some ways fasting is much easier than it sounds. Once you get into it you start wondering why you didn’t pass up some of the food you enjoy sooner.

This makes it fun.

You start making lists of what you’ll eat once the fast ends, and it’s not milk shakes and hamburgers. After all the vegetables in the beginning, and organic juices during, your sense of taste takes a turn for the better.

This happens when you fuel your body with what it needs, not what you see on the food channel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The big unexpected emphasis in a cleansing fast is resetting your view of food. How important is eating better? Serving smaller portions? These questions arise while you’re body is busy eliminating the stuff that blocks nutritional uptake.

Will a juice fast change you life? That depends on you, but the group setting and enthusiastic participation makes it feel like a pep rally. You’re changing even if you don’t think so.

Once you finish the Cascade Rejuvenation Program, it’s game on. You ease back into regular eating habits, noticing how each food group affects you.

You versus the world of new foods. After the fast, all food is new food, and you’ll be more than ready to taste and smell like never before.

Dates for the 2014 body cleanse:
May 15th-22nd
June 12th-23rd
September 11th-22nd
October 9th-20th

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