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Boomers find a way, not fade away, in the time they share.

How do you stay relevant or become relevant in something new?

Too often baby boomers use the ‘invisible’ excuse as in, “I know I’m invisible because I remember when I wasn’t.”

If that doesn’t ring a bell for you, give it a few more years. Then make a move.

Any move is good, but why not make a relevant one?

By choice or chance, enroll in a class to re-boot your brain. Maybe it’s self-help, skill related, cooking.

What it really is is a chance to structure your time according to someone else’s lesson plan.

Like great movies change the way we feel, jamming a class into an already too short week creates commitment. There’s nothing like clock pressure to help absorb new information.

Let the learning begin.

In Portland the education path includes community colleges and universities, public and private schools, and the treasures that are single topic, expert taught classes, advertised on posted bills.

Like glass blowing. Or learning guitar. You can do it. Boomers find a way.

Education works for all ages, even your age. A class helps you step aside and let someone else lead for a while. It’s got to be a relief for the type-A bunch.

If you need to fill a gap in your memory with something more meaningful than the sounds of the day, look back. Dig into something you care about.

The biggest lesson to learn, to teach, to show by example, is presenting new connections to the past. You’re old enough, don’t you think?

Take a look at the top pic one more time. Reads weird, right? England’s new hit makers, the Rolling Stones? Not a new album.

Did they re-invent themselves? Change their show? Or has it all been a blues-based career from the start?

Back in the day, way back, two bands vied for radio time. The Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

History explains the Beatles wrapping up their show in 1969.

The Stones are still rolling, and that’s the lesson. Hit the link for 2016 tour info.


If you feel like you’re already done, but no one stuck a fork in, or told you, maybe it’s not you.

Maybe it’s the company you keep.

Instead of falling into the ditch of predictable manners and expectations, challenge yourself to spend time with different people.

Notice I didn’t say strangers? Familiar friends turn into new friends in different situations. Embrace that change and raise the stakes.

Can you be a friend to others by joining them in shared stupidity? Can you be a pal even with doubts?

If your answer is yes, then you are a Rolling Stone. If you answer no, you’re a myopic Beatle boy bander and your time is short.

Boomers are famous for sticking around, for better or worse.

Try for better. Listen to Buddy Holly’s song for more instruction. Boomers find a way. Always.


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  1. Mark M Mullins says:

    That was fun Dave, roll on

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Thanks Mark,

      Those damn Rolling Stones are a lesson in longevity. And speaking of longevity, this is the 1000th post on BoomerPdx. And on Dec. 15. Nice coincidence.

      Those guys have changes some since 1964, don’t you think?

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