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Charles Bronson Hard Times. via

A movie star for decades, Charles Bronson doesn’t get much run today.

He was a star with guns from Death Wish back to the Dirty Dozen and Magnificent Seven.

His best gun move came from Hard Times where he played a bare knuckle fighter collecting his fight purse.

He drove out into the country, walked up to a door. When the man answered, Bronson pulled his gun and said, “I’m here for my money. There’s two ways this gun works.”

With that he pistol whips the guy, then says, “Do you want to see the other way?”

After Orlando and reports of fifty dead and more than fifty woulded, or after the next mass killing, will it be time to find another way?

How many more times do we wake up before asking, “What would Charles Bronson do?”

What will you do? What is ‘the other way?’

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  1. I remember that movie, Charles Bronson should be the icon not Chuck Norris.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      That’s always been my take, more Charles Bronson, less Chuck. But the Chuck Norris jokes can’t be beat, even by Charles Bronson.

      When Chuck Norris does push ups, he’s not pushing up, he’s pushing the earth down.

  2. I also find Charles more macho and charismatic, but I agree with your David that the Chuck Norris jokes are legendary.

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