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Whatever else he is, or says he is, Donald Trump is 100% New Yorker. If you’ve lived in New York, or live in New York now, you know the deal.


Say the name New York and the same image pops up. Upstate isn’t that image.


As a group, New Yorkers live in a media laboratory. They get the new movies first, new ads, new magazines, new books.


Eventually they start feeling like they are The First. And they want you to know it.
An older man today said he knew a couple from New York in his grad school days. They were know-it-alls, wouldn’t listen, and most of all, wouldn’t stop talking.




Like a Zebra in a zoo cage, or in the wild, the stripes remain the same. Same as a New Yorker.


I lived in Brooklyn from 1978 – 1980 and worked at One Battery Park Plaza for EF Hutton.


My pals were Brooklyn and Queens, all of them New Yorkers to the death, except for the guy who ran off to California and never came back.


I heard them talk in a group and it sounded hilarious.


“What’s so funny?”


“Your accents.”


“We don’t have accents, you have an accent.”


Good point, right? Enough of the laughing at New Yorkers sounding like New York. They didn’t think it’s so damn funny.


Like every stereotype, some New York attitude is real, some is made up.


Donald Trump is part of real New York, part made up New York. The lines blur.


Like his fellow New Yorkers, Donald Trump knows how to communicate…like a New Yorker.


He’s the guy running late for the bus.


“Hey, I’m over here. What’re ya doing? You can’t leave early. Stop the bus, just stop the bus, would ya?”


Then when he gets on, there’s someone in ‘his’ seat, and that’s the next problem.


He’s the drunk guy hurling on the late subway with the pool pointing to his seat.


When people stare at him, he says, “Whatta ya lookin’ at. It wasn’t me, it was another guy sitting here before me.”


Donald Trump, like his stereotypes in the Big Apple, is always right, always number one, and always ready to push forward in line.


Instead of, ‘Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of The Way,’ Donald Trump has paid his dues and can do whatever the hell he wants.


That’s the story, the New Yorker story, and he’s apparently sticking to it.


If you don’t vote, and feel like he’s sticking it to you, just up your New York game and go along for the ride.


For others trying to decide who to vote for, just remember Donald Trump is like an onion with many layers.


All you need do is peel one layer of skin away for…another layer, then another, and yet another, until you get to the core and find…onion.


What, you thought I’d say a peach?


When’s the last time ya cried over a peach, huh?


Keep peeling voter, it’s not that hard when the skin is so thin.


donald trump

“Hey, I’m walking here. I’m WALKING here.”

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