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18-34 demographic

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What to do if they find you?


Turns out the new greatest generation visits BoomerPdx Choice more often than anyone else.

Call me surprised, but not really.

Those are my people, the people boomers created for the most part. How can you not love that?

Baby Boomers grew up with one major fear, with major warning, for five years or more. At least in my parents’ house.

With three boys five years apart, teen pregnancy was the fear and the warning.

“Girls will trap you. They’ll say things like, ‘I know my cycle,’ or, ‘I’m on the pill.’

“These are sixteen year old girls. What do they know? I was sixteen once and didn’t know anything. I was lucky your father waited.”

And we said, “OKAY, Mom.”

“Just be careful. More than careful. Wear a …”


Those were the days of walking around like a loaded weapon. Look out for the loaded weapon.

Then we got married and made it real.

Today millennials are my biggest audience and I’m proud to serve.

Careful blog analytics reveal the 18-34 demographic carries sixty percent of boomerpdx traffic.


What do they want?

Sports/ Individual Sports/ Running & Walking/Cycling
Computers & Electronics/ Consumer Electronics/Electronic Accessories
Food & Drinks/ Cooking & Recipe/ Soups & Stews
Travel/ Tourist Destinations/
Historical Sites & Buildings

And that’s what the 45% female, 55% male, audience gets here.






All present and accounted for here.

I push these topics around the globe with readers from America to Germany, Egypt, United Kingdom, Philippines, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, China, and more.

If you say you support the troops, then you support millennials.

If you worry about them drowning the earth in more crap, don’t worry. Boomers still have that one covered.

The 18-34’s need to know something about the parts of life hidden in plain sight, the parts that will define them the rest of their lives.

See, Boomers aren’t getting any younger, and as time marches us like lemming to the cliff’s edge, millennials will want to cushion the fall.

But how?

They’re watching you do for your parents, to begin. Do you check in regularly? Visit more than once every two years, just because?

Do you stay overnight, or do the time tested hit and run down the road and back in the same day?

Here’s a hint to the kids: prepare to spend the night when you visit and make an excuse why you need to stay if you don’t hear an invite.

In other words get drunk. No responsible parent sends a kid away drunk in a car.

Pretend to lose your keys if booze isn’t the answer.

If you get some well worn venting along the way, let it roll off.

Adult kids have borders we know nothing about, but since we’ve got the most experience with them, along with our own dodgy escapades, help them expand their borders, not shrink.

The parting gift?

Millennials, our 18-34 demographic, understand a healthy society is the one they want around.

Not that one person suffering in the world cancels all joy, but that that person deserves attention.

As they widen their view of each other, their community, the different people they meet, they will counter the retrograde behavior of the old men elected to govern today.

Ronald Reagan was a celebrated old man Boomers now embrace. Some Boomers trickle down praise.

Nixon was supposed to be the man most hated by our then youth movement.

But he opened China and today we find big box stores full of Chinese made stuff stacked to the rooftops in our garages.

George Bush seems to understand the power of political rehabilitation at least as well as Nixon. Now he’s less the man who allowed his Vice to manufacture reasons to swing the American sword on Iraq and Afghanistan and use Haliburton no-bid contracts to help out.

Millennials will see the issues of the current President being exploited by hair-brained cabinet members who know the difference between clean air, clean water, safe weed applications, and how to maintain momentum for improvements. But ignore them for easy access to their base.

Well the base it’s a changing. Our boys and girls will walk through the fire of dread and fear and come out to a better world, maybe one Baby Boomers thought they could make.

Infrastructure improvement and pollution control, sustainable energy sources and enough head space to absorb new ideas will direct them.

When it’s all done in harmony, with the millennial desire for experience trumping a collection of ‘things,’ they will embrace the joy of donating to a blog dedicated to them from a Boomer point of view.

Find the BoomerPdx email in the About page. It’s not too cryptic.

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  1. Mark Mullins says:

    Feel a little better after reading that, more hopeful than I was ten minutes ago.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Like a sneaker wave without the deadly part. James Cameron said too many people miss the boat because of over analysis, or fear of taking the big leap. Acknowledging reality isn’t the same as giving up.

      Millennials are worthy replacements for our old parts in the machinery of life, don’t you think? They show it all the time, not that we see it all the time, or hear about it, but good faith says they do. (All the evidence is not in.)

      When things feel sideways for boomers, it’s best to reflect on what we could do to straighten out. And as we make corrections, explaining how and why, they may take a similar tack. (A little Sea Scout in there.)

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