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literary swag? BOOK PICTURES WORTH ONE THOUSAND WORDS? #literaryswag




Selfies with a book? Had me at selfie.


Then book. Literary swag? Not so much, but it sounds like it could be big, like the cover of the New Yorker showing a reader with a book lit by their smart phone.


Nerd cartoon perfection. But what do readers really need?


Better books, more books, any book. And here’s why:

The reader is in charge of everything when they pick up a book. Any book. They are the boss of Harry Potter, the boss of all hobits and munchkins when they read. Who doesn’t like being boss?


And they learn. Something. I do it all the time, the learning. Or at least try. Call it a duty.


If learning takes the right teacher, the right book, make it something worthwhile.


Make it about birds.Do a search.


I did a market search for Licking Cancer.


Checking on my potential competition in the memoir department, this is what amazon looked like on a google for “hpv16 cancer memoir.”


  • ‹ Any Department
    • ‹ Books
      • ‹ Health, Fitness & Dieting
        • ‹ Diseases & Physical Ailments
          • Cancer
            • Bone Cancer
            • Brain Cancer
            • Breast Cancer
            • Colorectal
            • Leukemia
            • Lung Cancer
            • Lymphatic
            • Prostate Disease
            • Skin Cancer
HPV16 isn’t on the list, so there’s an opening available. Michael Becker’s ‘A Walk With Purpose,’ shows on google…after hpv16 posts from boomerpdx. Call it blog power, blog influence, or blog direction. I’m as shocked as the next blogger.


Mr. Becker is in a place today, probably the hardest place for human beings. He made it over the high bars in life and held it together. Only to be laid low by hpv16 neck cancer one year and terminal lung cancer the next. And he’s got a book.


See, he persists. That’s what writers do, persist. That’s the dream.


I’ve read reviews of his book. When I buy ‘A Walk With Purpose’ I’m going literary swag and taking a picture.


Here’s the deal, I can’t do it while I’m writing or I’m bound to put everything down until I finish reading. But I can’t wait.


It felt that way when I read Tonya Russo Hamilton’s beautiful story about her father.


Early literary swag right there. Catch one with the Genius of Birds?


Wrestling With The Devil?


A Walk With Purpose?


literary swag

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