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Man Married At Age Thirty One Sees Image Thirty One Years Later



The saying ‘Like a deer in the headlights’ must have been coined at a wedding. My wedding.


Things changed that day.


We’re going through a phase, call it the non-hoarding phase, and this came up in an album.

It is the most fascinating picture of a bride I’ve ever seen. When people ask me how I’ve stayed married so long, I show them this picture. At least I will now.


Note to young people in love: I was thirty one years old. Elaine was twenty nine. First marriage. I’m wearing the same rig Prince Charles wore when he married Diana. Just sayin’. It’s a stunner, huh?


From that day on we’ve given marriage a run for it’s money. We’re still running and still not empty.


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  1. My wife and i were married in 1973. We were both really young, 18 years old. I still love her as much as ever, you have to work at it. We still have our disagreements.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Hi Randy,

      Getting married is one thing. Staying married is a whole ‘nother deal.I’m a big fan of long marriages, or any marriage really.

      My wife had a friend when were single. After we got married she’d come over and say things like, “Every time I come over is a bigger reminder for me to never get married.”

      After we had kids she said we were the best reminder she knows of not to have kids.

      Just doing the best we can is enough without the hecklers.

      What really makes marriage work for me? I had to fight her ex-boyfriend using special tactics while she was in the room. And I won/lost. But that’s another story.

      Thanks for coming in Randy,


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