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In a band of money men and retired generals, who plays which instrument?


Extreme wealth and unlimited power have one thing in common: they know how to close the deal.

It might not be an ideal exchange, but it sets up a better one.

Money men know how to roll with economic downturns.

The great ones know how to turn a downer into an upper. It’s not always pretty, but it pays off.

If a rich man learned his trade at his daddy’s side, he’s got a lifetime of experience.

It’s not about doing the right thing, or wrong thing, more about doing that business thing.

“Do whatever it takes,” is the motto.

If young billionaire-in-waiting sits behind his mentor learning the business part, where to the Generals stand?

If you’ve met high ranking military men after they’ve retired, they come across as nice guys.

Why maintain the facade of command past their leadership days?

Barking orders to their wife and dog gets old fast when neither pays attention.

Big time Generals know when it’s time to fade away.

General MacArthur, as big a big time General as there ever was, knew when it was his time.

President Truman recalled him from the Korean War. And fired him.

Like a good soldier, General MacArthur stood down. It’s what proper training instills.

His career took a backseat to American goals.

General Eisenhower was once a MacArthur assistant.

He paid his dues and it paid off for America.

These two Generals stand as giants in their field, with Eisenhower expanding his field to two terms as President.

Together, they helped guide the U.S. through WWII in Europe and the Pacific.

Though not listed in FDR’s cabinet, they were the men he trusted to lead.

Fast forward to the modern era, like right now, and point to the MacArthur or Eisenhower caliber people heading for Washington, DC.

Fabulously wealthy people in business suits mixing with hard core mission slammers in Marine Corps General suits make for an interesting group.

Who will play who for the fool, because there must be a fool for some people to look smart in these circles.

Banker money men and business money men follow the cash flow. If it’s not strong enough they work to pump it up.

Borders don’t mean the same to them as Marines schooled to defend the perimeter.

Simple property owners know the line that separates them from their neighbors. They pay property taxes and want what they pay for.

Big money men use a different grid. They find the best deal, lowest taxes, and park assets off-shore.

It makes them smart to avoid taxes; they’re just following the leader.

How will they work in a room full of Generals who’ve sworn oaths to protect America?

The contrast of goals will spark lively debate to say the least.

If it was a movie, we’d hear a music soundtrack in the background.

Time for money men and Generals to strike up the band.

Which group plays the brass section?

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