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The Show Goes On.


The Park Blocks side of the Paramount/Schnitzer in downtown Portland. Handheld camera, no flash.

The overnight numbers show Macular Degeneration In Portland with the most reads, which is quite a coincidence since I just spent a morning with my mother in law getting a treatment for her macular degeneration.

The treatment is an exam, then a needle in the eye. And it’s helpful…after a day of feeling like knives being poked in your eye. (Her words.)

Vision is like breathing or reading; we don’t notice how important it is until it fades. Talk to anyone with asthma on that.

Since she’s England born and bred, Judy is a trooper with, “Anyway, there you go,” to the discomfort.

An ice pack helped.

Searching For Mariota’s Heisman is trending because Oregon Duck quarterback Marcus Mariota is the leading candidate for the biggest award given in college football.

Last night he played the first half of the PAC12 Championship game like Peyton Manning played his last Super Bowl, minus that first snap that sailed through his hands.

This post takes a shot at the east coast bias regarding college football where the only important stories happen in the SEC or Big 10 or Big 12, as if the west coast is just too. Far. Away.

Most likely it’s the time zone and our brothers and sister in the east don’t stay awake for the three hour time difference. No one wants an opinion of a half-drunk, half-baked, talking head with whirly eyes trying to stay focused.

How many boomers are awake and coherent after ten?

Nature’s Best On A Roll With Cadia is getting surprising numbers. I met the people who run the show and came away thrilled to know more about the logistics and planning for a huge enterprise.

How many trucks and warehouses does it take to serve the western U.S.? As many as you can buy and build.

The sweet part was meeting the CEO and reading about his connection to the company. A man of the people, he lamented the gap growing between the get ‘er done side and the planning side.

Call me old fashioned but that’s a boss you’d go the extra mile for.

After The Big Christmas Dance I noticed a new feeling. My dance muscles are out of shape, like that’s news to any non-dancer.

If you cut a rug, sharpen your knife first. And remember, you’re not crippled, or getting a fatal disease, or dying. You just overstepped your limits.

Is there a boomer alive who doesn’t know that feeling? Keep stretching, keep dancing, and you’ll be fine. Try hitting the splits like James Brown? Only at your own risk.

The last lively post asks Is Everyone A Heisman Candidate? It’s a variation on everyone’s a winner. Shocking news alert: not everyone’s a winner. You might get a trophy and a juice box after your third grade soccer game, but things change the higher up you go.

Saying you have something special doesn’t make it special to others. Your best isn’t always good enough compared to someone else’s best. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cherish and hold your best, just don’t expect it to mean the same to others as it means to you.

In the bigger world the trending topics are different. Out there it’s protests against police killing, Bill Cosby’s rape life, and ISIS rampages.

It’s a littler calmer here on BoomerPDX. It’s about vision, accomplishment, and getting up to do things you want to do but you feel the time has pasted you by.

Whether you think time has passed you by or not on something you like, you’re right either way, so get up and do it.

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