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Average American Man = Fat?

Average American  by Nickolay Lamm

Average American
by Nickolay Lamm

This is what it looks like my boomers.

Average American from The Atlantic.

The artist compares Average American, named Todd, to other countries.

Do you agree with this interpretation, or is there something missing?

Let’s agree there’s a body image difference between looking at others and looking in the mirror.

We’re kinder to strangers than we are to ourselves.

Especially in pictures.

If you’ve heard enough about diets and calories and exercise, the following will improve your personal body image .

  • In public, make use of available shadows. You’re not hiding flaws, you’re creating depth.

There’s an old saying that holds that everyone looks good in the right light.

What it means is the darker the better.

In pictures you will look mysterious, not fat.

  • Learn fashion tricks. Use extra clothes for a slimming effect.

Large waist? No problem. Tie an expensive sweater three sizes too big above your hips.

When you show pictures wear the sweater and mention how it sags since you started working out.

Everyone will see a sporty slim person.

  • Choose better backdrops for better pictures.

Todd the average American showed up in The Atlantic.

Dave the average blogger shows up in The Pacific.

Shadows and large garments? Check.

Angle and backdrop? Check.

Sucking it in? Check.

Wife laughing herself silly? Check.

Moving beyond average means doing something different.

Are you listening,Todd?


Oregon Coast, Oct. 4, 2013





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