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A hero blazes their own trail, not across any calendar.

The hero with a thousand faces and no watch.

Don’t ask a hero what time it is. There’s only one answer.

It’s like asking a rock and roll singer if their mic is turned on.

“When you sing like me, there’s no off switch.”

Like asking a prince if they have a smoking jacket.

“When you’re the prince, every jacket is smoking.”

If a hero acted according the the Mayan Calendar, they’d never do anything.

We ought to feel lucky for the twelve months, fifty two weeks, and 365 days on the modern calendar.

No systemic confusion to interpret, no eras to navigate.

And only seven names for days. Imagine nineteen or twenty names.

If you know someone who asks too many questions now, ask them about Wednesday on a Mayan Calendar.

“Is that tzolk’in Wednesday? I’m on Haab’ time.”

Besides far too may ways to avoid accountability, it’s a time thing.

How long does it take to master a new calendar that goes beyond the normal you’re used to.

The Hero changes time

You know a hero by their lack of baggage.

They save their strength for the important stuff, not moving a mountain.

If you’re stuck on a mountain, you need a hero. If you need to move a mountain of crap, you’re on your own.

Meet a hero and you may meet the most important person you’ll ever know.

Heroes are like that.

Once you go hero, you’ll understand.

See, the person you help, who considers you a hero, is the most important person in the world.

Eventually the hero sees everyone like that.

Ask a cancer survivor about a hero

“If there’s a hero in cancer, it’s the doctor who saves you from more discomfort with the same good results.

“An oncologist suggests one course of therapy, but the second opinion doctor says something different and calls it a philosophical disagreement.

“Only one is the hero. Different cancers in the same region need different treatment. There’s so much going on in your skin, organs, and internal lining that there’s no one size fits all.

“A woman with brain tumor with an element pushing down through the palate won’t have the problem show up on dental x-rays. They need a brain scan sooner than later.”

“One doctor might prescribe three types of chemotherapy along with a pump to keep it flowing, then radiation on top of that.

“Another might see the problem, explain why only one chemo drug works better than three, no pump, and begins everything concurrently.”

“That guy’s a hero if it all works out. If he missed the boat what’s he called?”


If he missed the boat you might as well consult the Mayan Calendar for your next chance.

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