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Gun World Around You? What’s It Mean When You Don’t Notice

    A gun world is all around us in America. Start a casual conversation and you might learn the mild mannered person you’re talking to owns thirty guns.   Since it’s so long ago, I like reflecting on my days as an Army medic. It comes in handy helping me pretend not be as […]

Wellness Luxury: Feeling Good For Doing Good Again

To do good you don’t have to feel good. If you do it’s a wellness luxury, an expression I just made up. Google wellness luxury. This isn’t that sort of post.   Take mental health for example. Nothing makes any difference to you? No one cares about you? Feeling earful about the future? Feeling sad […]


More often than not, boomer isolation goes bad. Who of your friends would you vote for as Most Likely To Be A Hermit? Loosing touch with people doesn’t mean they’ve taken to boomer isolation. If you wonder, give them a call at the last number you have for them and see who answers. If they […]


What To Know, What To Ignore For Boomer Health. 1. You weigh too much. Extra weight stresses your knees and hips, your ankles and heart. Too much weight is a golden ticket for Type 2 Diabetes. Why not go away and mind your own business? 2. You’re too thin. Thin people have a greater threat […]

What Early Boomers Passed Down: The Land Dream

They watched their dads put on a gray flannel suit in the 50’s, fire up the Ford, and start the morning commute. He drove to the city, or to the park and ride for the train. Maybe mom dropped him off with young boomer in back. Fast forward out of the suburbs and early boomer […]